what are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

A Graphics card is hardware that is used to increase the video memory of a computer, and make its display quality more high-definition. It makes the computer more powerful and gives It the capacity to do more high-level works. the quality of the image depends on the quality of the graphics card. It is very much important for gaming and video editing on a PC. Every game needs a graphics memory to start and It depends on the type of the game, and the requirements are mentioned on the game box.

Example :

  • Acer predator –
    Nvidia GTX 1050 4GB Graphics Card.
  • Alienware 17 –
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB Graphics Card.

Both computers have a high-power graphics card for better performance.


  • GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit.
  • the power of GPU depend on the model of the GPU.
  • the graphics as an external component is attached on a slot known as an expansion slot.
  • It is the brain of the graphics card and is what creates the visuals that we see on the monitor.

Types of Graphics Card :

  1. Integrated –
    the graphics which are built into the motherboard are known as Integrated, are generally used in most laptops, the cannot be easily upgraded.
  2. Discrete –
    It is an external graphics card which is a hardware and added on a motherboard as an extra component. Most people may not need an external graphics card for there work on PC. Basic work like creating files, doing office work, watching movies, listing songs, etc may not need a graphics card. But for the users playing high resolutions games and video editing may need an external component i.e graphics card for there purpose.

Features of Graphics Card :

  • Memory –
    Graphics card carries its own memory. Memory range could be from 128MB to 2GB of memory. We should buy a card with more memory. More RAM equals higher resolutions, more colors on the screen, and the best special effects.
  • Multiple Screen support –
    Most new video cards have the ability to connect two monitors to one card. This feature is very important for video editing and hardcore gamer craves that extra real estate as well. You can either see two separate Desktops or make the two monitors into one Desktop.
  • Gaming and video Editing –
    the discrete graphics card is not only for a gamer but those who use high-end video editing software also get help as a high-quality graphics card to reduce the rendering time of an image also give a high-def environment.
  • Connection –
    the graphic card is connected to the monitor using many different ports put the port must be present on both monitor and Graphics card. These are some common ports used to connect graphics card with a monitor.

1. VGA
3. DVI 

  • Some motherboards have more than 1 expansion slot so we can add more than one graphics card to make performance better. many laptops nowadays come with an integrated graphics card in them.

Manufacturers of Graphics Card :
the two main manufacturers of discrete graphics cards are

2. AMD

How Graphics Cards Work

What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?


the man makes video editing. video production. Color Correction. Sound editing. Film making. the work of a freelancer. Equipment filmmaking. Create videos. Program for video editing.

the images You see on your computer monitor are made of tiny dots called pixels. At most common resolution settings, a screen displays more than 2 million pixels, and the computer has to decide what to do with each one in order to create an image. To do this, It needs a translator — something to take binary data from the CPU and turn It into a picture You can see. This translator is known as a graphics processor or GPU.

Most entry-level consumer laptops and desktops now come with a secondary GPU built into their main processor, known as integrated graphics. Pro-level or custom machines, however, will often also have space for a dedicated graphics card. the advantage of a graphics card is that It can typically render more complex visuals much faster than an integrated chip.

A graphics card’s job is complex, but its principles and components are easy to understand. in this article, we will look At the basic parts of a video card and what they do. We’ll also examine the factors that work together to make a fast, efficient graphics card.

Think of a computer as a company with its own art department. When people in the company want a piece of artwork, they send a request to the art department. the art department decides how to create the image and then puts It on paper. the end result is that someone’s idea becomes an actual, viewable picture.

A graphics card works along with the same principles. the CPU, working in conjunction with software applications, sends information about the image to the graphics card. the graphics card decides how to use the pixels on the screen to create the image. It then sends that information to the monitor through a cable.

Creating an image out of binary data is a demanding process. To make a 3-D image, the graphics card first creates a wireframe out of straight lines. Then, It rasterizes the image (fills in the remaining pixels). It also adds lighting, texture, and color. for fast-paced games, the computer has to go through this process about 60 to 120 times per second. Without a graphics card to perform the necessary calculations, the workload would be too much for the computer to handle.

the graphics card accomplishes this task using four main components:

Next, we’ll look At the processor and memory in more detail.

the GPU

What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?


A GPU is an electronic circuit that your computer uses to speed up the process of creating and rendering computer graphics. CHALERMPHON SRISANG/SHUTTERSTOCK

Like a motherboard, a graphics card is a printed circuit board that houses a processor and VRAM. It also has an input/output system (BIOS) chip that stores the card’s settings and performs diagnostics on the memory, input, and output At startup.

A graphics card’s processor, called a graphics processing unit (GPU), is similar to a computer’s CPU. A GPU, however, is designed specifically for performing the complex mathematical and geometric calculations that are necessary for graphics rendering. Some of the fastest GPUs have more transistors than the average CPU.

A GPU produces a lot of heat, so It is usually located under a heat sink or a fan. Integrated chips differ slightly, in that they don’t have their own VRAM, and have to pull from the same RAM stockpile as the CPU. This distinction may cause your system to run short on memory while gaming with an integrated GPU.

in addition to its processing power, a GPU uses special programming to help It analyze and use data. AMD and Nvidia produce the vast majority of GPUs on the market, and both companies have developed their own enhancements for GPU performance. Today’s video processors can provide:

Each company has also developed specific techniques to help the GPU apply colors, shading, textures and patterns.

As the GPU creates images, It needs somewhere to hold information and completed pictures. It uses the card’s RAM for this purpose, storing data about each pixel, its color, and its location on the screen. Part of the VRAM can also act as a frame buffer, meaning that It holds completed images until It is time to display them. Typically, video RAM operates At very high speeds and is dual-ported, meaning that the system can read from It and write to It At the same time.

Modern video cards plug into a PCIe x16 expansion slot. Small form-factor computers with integrated graphics, such as laptops and mini desktops, may not come with such a slot. Graphics cards can still be connected, however, using a costly workaround device called an external GPU.

the Evolution of Graphics Cards

Graphics cards have come a long way since IBM introduced the first one in 1981. Called a Monochrome Display Adapter (MDA), the card provided text-only displays of green or white text on a black screen. now, both graphics cards and integrated chips can easily send out an HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixel) signal through an HDMI or DisplayPort cable. Standalone cards often put out Ultra HD 4K (3,840 x 2,160) video, with even higher resolutions available on higher-spec GPUs.

Choosing a Good Graphics Card

A top-of-the-line graphics card is easy to spot. It has lots of memory and a fast processor. Often, It’s also more visually appealing than anything else that’s intended to go inside a computer’s case. Lots of high-performance video cards are illustrated or have decorative fans or heat sinks.

But a high-end card provides more power than most people really need. people who use their computers primarily for email, word processing, or social media can find all the necessary graphics support on a CPU with integrated graphics. A mid-range card is sufficient for most casual gamers. people who need the power of a high-end card include gaming enthusiasts and people who do lots of 3-D graphic work.

A good overall measurement of a card’s performance is its frame rate, measured in frames per second (FPS). the frame rate describes how many complete images the card can display per second. the human eye can process about 25 frames every second, but fast-action games require a frame rate of At least 60 FPS to provide smooth animation and scrolling. Components of the frame rate are:

  • Triangles or vertices per second: 3-D images are made of triangles or polygons. This measurement describes how quickly the GPU can calculate the whole polygon or the vertices that define It. in general, It describes how quickly the card builds a wire frame image.
  • Pixel fill rate: This measurement describes how many pixels the GPU can process in a second, which translates to how quickly It can rasterize the image.

the graphics card’s hardware directly affects its speed. These are the hardware specifications that most affect the card’s speed and the units in which they are measured:

  • GPU clock speed (MHz)
  • Size of the memory bus (bits)
  • Amount of available memory (MB)
  • Memory clock rate (MHz)
  • Memory bandwidth (GB/s)

the computer’s CPU and motherboard also play a part, since a very fast graphics card can’t compensate for a motherboard’s inability to deliver data quickly. Similarly, the card’s connection to the motherboard and the speed At which It can get instructions from the CPU affect its performance.

What use of Graphic card in Laptop?

in the early days of laptops, people had little hope of what laptops could and could do.

the simplest thing they wanted was a computer they could take home for a fee or use on plane trips.

What use of Graphic card in Laptop

I had to run essential productivity software like Microsoft office fees like Windows (or Mac OS X) and run It for hours on battery power. of course, our expectations of computers were not very decent back then. Oh, how long has It changed

Today, people expect both laptops and desktops, and we both have high expectations.

Fast boot time, battery life of over 10 hours, ultra-thin and ultra-light HD graphics – these are just a few features that have become essential for most laptop buyers.

Another feature that gamers must possess is the addition of a high-performance laptop graphics card.

Why graphics card demanded in laptops?

not in principle. Each computer has a central processing unit (CPU) responsible for the main functions of the computer.

This processor can do everything from calculating spreadsheets and surfing the Internet to playing games.

the processor can do all of this, but the slower It will run, the more You ask for more, p. for example, playing games with lots of graphics can slow down tracks.

When this happens, You will experience significant delays in response to commands, playing the game, and various other issues that will significantly reduce the game’s enjoyment (assuming the processor can do all of this).

What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

With a laptop graphics card, all requested video is processed by a dedicated chip, which improves playback and increases playable resolution.

Almost all new laptops on the market today come with some GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Even basic tasks like watching videos have reached a stage where they can put a heavy load on the processor, and so GPUs have been added to take care of any tasks that require screen work.

Think of It like this: You can easily listen to music on your phone. You can listen to music without headphones for the built-in speaker.

However, there is no real power behind this small speaker, so You don’t want to use It as your primary music source.

When You connect your phone to a full-size stereo or a suitable Bluetooth speaker, It can suddenly fill the room with music and make unusual noises.

Adding a laptop graphics card gives You visual effects that appear on the screen instead of the sound.

By the way, if You are wondering what the difference between a GPU and a graphics card is, It is the same when It comes to laptops. This is slightly different on desktop computers.

Are graphic cards have advantages on laptops?

  • Laptops do not have the advantage of any graphics card.

  • Because they are in small circles, they compress strong excitations into small circles in a small-medium to avoid excitation.

  • Excessive loads like these games can cause poor performance, overheating, and shutdown of the laptop.

  • the heat can also burn the transistor and permanently damage the GPU.

  • the advantage is that You insert your graphics card into the desktop case with sufficient space and ventilation to work correctly.

  • Mobile GPU is cheaper because It is a desktop GPU. It is more expensive than.

  • well, I lied. Laptop graphics cards have an advantage.

  • You can move It across your desktop, playing games, or anywhere without doing anything with your graphics card.

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What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

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What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

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What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

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What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

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What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

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What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

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What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

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What are graphics cards, what do they do, and how do they work?

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