Release Resistance – Laws of Attraction

Suzie writes:

During a recent one-on-one coaching session with Rebecca, I had a major breakthrough. For the past 2 years, I have had a challenge holding my pen as I write. I could not get comfortable with the grip. It was either too loose or way too tight (usually the latter).

Rebecca suggested that I loosen the grip and let It flow. She sensed that something was trying to be expressed through me. I responded that when I just let It flow, my pen goes all over the place and my writing is very messy. She said, This is good! It doesn`t have to be tame or pretty, just let the energy flow through you.

This advice has changed my life! As I sat down at the computer recently to do my e-newsletter, I noticed that I was feeling blocked. It occurred to me that I should try writing out the article, instead of typing It. As soon as I began with pen in hand, the words just immediately flowed through me. After sending the newsletter out, I received the most positive feedback yet!

This has also carried over to other areas of my life. Since I have loosened the grip on my pen, I have also loosened the grip For the rest of my life. It has been incredibly freeing!

Our outside world is a reflection of our inside. If you want to change your business or your life, start by looking inward.

Good For Suzie!

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