Buying the Myth

So much life conditioning inhibits the brilliance that is in you. Are you accessing all that is available to you? As a brilliant coach, as a brilliant human-being, as a brilliant spiritual being, as a bright light in the world, you have access to so much abundance. Are you living it? Are you breathing it? Do you believe it in every fibre of your being?

Or Are you buying into the myth, the illusions? There Are so many things aimed at people to help them build their lives and businesses; as though they Are not enough themselves; as though the magic and mystery of existence were there to thwart your success.

Its so far from the truth of the abundance available in the universe. it often shocks and surprises me to see this disturbing trend. Whatever the truths Are, I`m here to say there is MORE!

Dismantle the illusions of safety, security, structures, that create a prison of expectation, necessity, and image. Get into the risk of playing in the mud, getting dirty, letting go and letting God, magic, Source, energy (whatever belief/name suits you). you had it happening once as a kid. Bring it alive again. Inside, you Are yearning for it.

Get excited again about the adventure, this life. Get curious and playful with your day-to-day, with your business, with your home, relationships, and finances. If you resist and prefer safety, security, and rigidity, I`m curious:

These thoughts, while universal, really Are inspired by the tragic scarcity demonstrated in the world. Obviously it doesn`t affect everyone, but we do see some living in scarcity. This is a boost to those that do need it and a reminder to those of us who Get it but Are still human in our experience.

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