Single, female and alone on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year but if you`re single then it can be quite depressing because it seems everyone is in love except you! If you`re a single woman who`s feeling neglected, try spoiling yourself on Valentine’s Day with a girly day pleasing the most important person you! Here’s a few ideas to get you through the day:-

1. Take the day off work; colleagues will wonder whether you have a secret lover.

2. Book a day at a health spa and pamper yourself with beauty treatments. you`ll return to work glowing!

3. Treat yourself to your favourite flowers (it’s a good idea to buy these before Valentine`s Day to save on costs).

4. Stay in and watch girly dvds all day with boxes of scrummy chocolates.

5. Invite your single friends round for drinks and nibbles and have a good laugh at exes you’re better off without.

6. Go shopping and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes with the money you saved on a Valentine’s Day present.

Finally, remember that not every woman with a partner will have a romantic day; some unlucky women have unromantic partners or they receive disappointing presents. Either way, it often ends in tears for many loved up couples so take joy in the fact that you only have yourself to please on this day of the year.

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