She is Testing You Retaliate Now

Women test men all the time. Even if none of men like this, we all know that we can`t live without them. So, hating Women or trying to live without them is not viable solution. the best thing we can do is to accept that they do and will test us.

the test“ is that unexpected, unexplained, quirky situation inflicted on a man by a woman in a relationship. Women love to test men by throwing obscure theoretical questions, and especially to judge them. They usually like to test men, who are interested in, for whom they feel some attraction.

They try to tell things about men by observing certain aspects of their behavior, or telling them things and judging them according on how they react.

Women test men because they need to quickly figure out what they`re dealing with, and they can`t expect a man to be straight up and honest about his strengths and weakness. Women are attention-seekers in constant need of reassurance and affirmation that someone cares for them and wants to protect them.

They need to know that you`ll set limits that you`ll stand up for yourself, this making them feel safe. It gives them the reassurance that you are strong enough and confident enough to fight back when you are provoked and that you are capable of protecting them from danger.

They test us to see how strong emotionally we are, how smart we are, or enjoy to make men feel uncomfortable. So, even if she has a high interest in you, even she is always sweet, loving and giving person, she will always feel the need dig any question.

A healthier attitude is to love and enjoy Women for all their great qualities, while learning to deal with their tests.

But, from where you can know when you are tested? First you should ask yourself if the event makes sense in the context of the situation; if the answer is no, then you are probably being tested. How they do this? Here are some examples:

-she likes to flirt with another man in front of you the best thing you can do is to ignore It when It happens; you can start by chatting evenings with other Women or friends of her; this will cool her off, and she will change this habit

-she cancel your meeting in the last minute- this is very disappointing because you are ready to walk out the door and only then she tells you she is not coming anymore; you can prevent this from the beginning by telling her that you hate girls which cancel dates; but sometimes she may have a good reason to cancel the meeting

-she likes to turn you on while making out, just to see if you respect her ; best you can do is to stay calm, relax, don`t sulk or push It; if she sees you are cool about It and you aren`t stressed, you will see that she`ll likely relaxed and you have pass the test;

-also there are times when Women confuse men , act evasive and feign disinterest in order to try to communicate to men, because they don`t like to be taken for granted, being scared to not have their heart broken by a man.

There are times when a woman is testing you intentionally or unintentionally.

When she makes It intentionally she will do or say something as an attempt to bait man into reacting to her; she wants to find out if you have a strong reality and identity; she might be acting like ignoring you, teasing you about a flaw you have, trying to make you jealous and so on.

So use your own discretion and don`t react to her too quickly. She might test you unintentionally, but your reactions will be judged.

she has desire to be validated for her beauty and a yearning for the rush to chasing a man who is a prize; so you have to show her you have a strong reality and identity, to not validate her too much so that she`ll be satisfied; give her just enough to keep her waiting, reaching and chasing you for more of It.

Now you know that any woman will test you. All you have to do is to accept that, and learn how to deal with. for dealing with any type of test you have to have the necessary tools; if you have these, you may use all these tests to your advantage.

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