Playing It Safe in Online Dating

Because the online dating scene, like everything else in the Internet, is a borderless world, its hard therefore for people to segregate those whom they should avoid from those whom they would love to meet, date and maybe even have a relationship with.

But the possibility of meeting future stalkers and other psychotic’s shouldn’t deter you from online dating. Rather, it’s important that you just play it safe in online dating.

How to Play it Safe in online dating
Good question. Although following our tips to play it safe in online dating to the letter won’t guarantee eternal and 100% protection from the people that no one would ever consider dating, following them would at leased severely decrease the chances of having an encounter with those people.

Never Give Out Your Real Identity
Ideally, yes, it’s nice to start things with whomever it is you’re dating online with openness and honesty but lets face it if you’re only dating him online, you still don’t know him that much. Married couples after all still end up divorcing each other because its only when they are living under roof that realize they don’t actually get along that well.

and so, to be on the safe side, Never Give out Your real identity by revealing Your real name or using it as a screen name by then it wouldn’t be a screen name, anyway on the off chance that the person you’re dating online would turn out to be schizophrenic or something equally horrible.

Never Give Out Anything inside Your Wallet
Okay, lets review what’s usually inside Your wallet? Drivers license, credit cards, money, other identification papers and so on. Now, here’s the thing. I’ve already advised you against giving out Your real identity, right? well, here are more restrictions.

Refrain from giving out details of Your credit card, the address of Your workplace and Your home as well as Your phone number because who knows if they’ll use these details for unwanted purposes?

Hence, no matter what they say, no matter how reasonable their explanations are, its ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

Never Be Rude
Since online dating doesn’t require people to see each other eye to eye, many tend to be more aggressive and outgoing than they really are, which is good, because opening up would let people know you better.

There are, however, people who also tend to be ruder than they usually are when online dating on the simple premise that they don’t have to be careful of what they say since they wouldn’t see the person they’re talking to anyway.

Wrong way of thinking! in online dating, that’s how the fights start and these could always escalate to more violent forms of disagreement. online dating doesn’t Give any of us an excuse to be rude so when you meet someone you dislike, simply excuse yourself and log off.

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