More Dating – More Regrets!

Dating has never been an easy thing to do. It is one of the most complex things in life, just preceding being in a relationship. First thing is that you would need to find a date, which could be tougher for the socially challenged people.

Then comes the date itself, where one would need to act his or her best and figure out how things will click and wonder if there will be a 2nd date. After a periodic time of Dating, more problems and relationships could then arise that could eventually bring in regrets.

Here are some most common regrets and disasters that daters often experience.

1. Dating people for the very wrong reasons always result in disasters. There might be some that could pull It off but It could be rare. Some people date for reasons of that person being physically attractive, business reasons, business contracts, sex or even just out of sympathy.

We instead should date people who we seem to like because of their great personality or that being a match for us. A friend of mine tried to date a Muslim because she was pretty attractive, eventually things didnt work out because of cultural differences.

if you know that you are entering a Dating situation where things will really not work out, dont waste your time on It. There could be others out there while youre wasting your time on the wrong person.

2. in our current society most 20 something people will put career ahead of their love life. This is not a bad thing though. But once you hit your 30s you will seem to lose something within you. you will become less attractive because of aging signs.

Our body clocks will eventually catch up on us. Also most good catches will be fewer. Try to balance out your career and social life. Having a love life doesnt mean you need to get married and sacrifice your career. It might even inspire you to work harder. Its just how you view the situation.

3. Stupid regrets here, people leave the person they love. Dont know why. If you love the person why leave him or her?

Often reasons for a person leaving his or her partner are due to infidelity. If things do eventually go broke It might be too late to go back. I mean if you love the person why be unfaithful? It might be tempting but its only a test of your relationship. Bottom-line, be faithful.

4. Dont be jackass in your relationship. people often regret that they could have been nicer to their partner. It will always haunt you when you treat your partner badly. How could our relationship have ended if I was nicer?

Try to be courteous, remembering special dates (no matter how cheesy they are), kind, compromising, getting something special, being spontaneous. Dont be too late to change, because you might regret It.

5. Dont be callous when dumping a person. It definitely hurts and karma has a way of finding you.

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