Love Quiz- Do Looks Matter To You More?

What is love? What is attraction? Why do we love someone? Why do we say that we love someone? Why do not we say that we like someone or are getting attracted to someone?

This is all because love is becoming a common word to be used for all kinds of attachments and relationships. Have you quizzed yourself about how much looks matter to you in love?

Will you love an ugly looking person even if she/he has every other quality in plenty? Or you will accept somebody better looking but missing in some qualities? What if you are told that the best looking person of the opposite sex has fallen for you and wants love in return?

When you develop relationship, you find that person missing in many essential qualities and values that you respect. What will you do?

Quiz yourself about your relationships. many of the relationships break because we are attracted by looks but as we get closer we find the other person difficult and break the relationship. It happens with most of us. We all go for looks in the beginning.

Very rarely, we give points for other qualities in a logical manner. We look at a attractive person and say-I am in love. Quiz yourself and you will realize why many of your relationships broke? We may deny that. But the main attraction is always great looks.

Quiz yourself about this and probably you will come to know more about what are your priorities in relationships and love.

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