How To Write Your Next Personal Dating Ad

Writing your dating ad is an important first step in the dating game

For each regular or online dating service you join, you will have to write a paragraph or two about yourself. This is the information that your potential dates will read, and the way your write it can make the difference between lots of responses and none at all.

If you’ve never tried Writing a personal ad before, or your previous ads haven’t generated much of a response, try using these five useful hints next time round:

1) Make a list

Before you begin Writing, make a list of the things that are most important to you. Split it into two sections; words that describe you and what you are interested in, and words that describe what you’re looking For in a date. Use these lists as the basis For your personal ad and remember to focus on the things you do like rather than the things you don’t.

2) About you

What are you interested in? Theatre, music, football, cars, running whatever it is that makes you who you are. focus on things that you can do with your date going to gigs, Saturday night clubbing, sailing or walking. These all give an indication of the type of person you are and the fact that you want to attract someone who shares your passions.

3) About them

This is your chance to say what you’re looking For. Whether you specify height, age, smoker or non-smoker or the interests you’d like to share, you need to be sure that the descriptions you Use will attract the sort of interest you’re after.

4) Sell yourself

your personal ad is your own personal sales brochure. Use it to tell people what you have to offer and why they should get in touch with you.

Whilst you don’t want to tell all at such an early stage in the dating process, you need to give enough information to spark some interest, and hold back enough to make them want to know more. Use positive language and maybe even some humour to encourage a response.

5) Draft and check

never just write a personal ad off the top of your head and stick it online. Always write a draft and then ask someone you trust to read it and make comments. you’re not an objective observer here, so choose someone who knows you, knows what you want and will tell you honestly if your personal ad reads well.

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