How People We Met Online Influence Our Life?

Every single day of our life we are interacting with a lot of people. people whom we know or maybe we just met for the first time.

Some of them are positive, optimist kind of people; others can be in bad moods, nervous crying or screaming for no reason at everyone they met. Others are suspicious all the time and doubt every single word you are saying. All of them can influence our mood, our day and even our life if we let them to do it.

the same thing is happening when you are meting people online. you can meet here thousands of people. This is a
good thing just because your chances to find a compatible person to talk to are unlimited.

But till you find that special one you’re supposed to talk and interact with dumb, desperate, sad, nervous or not too serious people. If you spend too much time with an inappropriate person, it can have some bad influence on you and your mood.

it is important to know to sort people you are taking to online. If you realize that the person you started to talk to is annoying you somehow, just say that an old friend of you is now online and that you want to discuss with him, or just say Good Bye.

Another fact I have notice is that all of us are tempted to discus our problems with unknown people because we know that them can`t tell our problems to all of our friends.

My aunt use to say all the time: Anyone will give you an advice but nobody is going to give you a slice of bread, when you most need it. She meant to say that to talk is easy and everybody is happy to tell you his/her opinion even for the conversations sake but this doesn`t mean that they are really good friends and could be superficial or not very good intended.

Some of them are telling you that what you are doing is not a good thing because you going to have to loose or you will suffer in the future or other can give you all kinds of recipes meant to solve your problems.

the idea is that if we are paying attention to everyone around us, they can influence our life in a dramatic way. I am saying this because no one can know better than us what is happening in our life and in our soul. Nobody can know better than us what we really want to have, what is missing, or where we want to be in our life.

Be precarious, listen advices but do not pay too much attention and be the master of your life.

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