Finding A Site You Like

When it comes to lounging around the Internet, you might find that your long hours could be better spent looking for a swinging good time.

No longer do you have to meet up in person to find other swingers and have that awkward conversation of do you or dont you, but you can put in some information, sometimes for free, and find other people who are looking to swing.

Its just so darn easy.

So Many Possibilities

the hardest thing about finding swingers online is when you type in swinging online and find that there are hundreds of thousands of place to look at. and there are dating services designed to hook up any arrangement of swingers.

Maybe youre a heterosexual couple looking for another couple. Maybe youre a lesbian couple looking for a couple or a single man. Or maybe its the other way around.

If theres a combination that can be dreamed of, theres a service to get you all together.

and if youre into any fetish in particular, then you can find that too.

How Do you Choose?

I went with the close-your-eyes-and-point approach at first, but that didnt work out too well.

So lets talk about the finer points of an online dating site.

This might sound a bit superficial, but listen to the reasoning first. I pick out sites based on the quality of the pictures on it. Not that I like to just look at pictures (well, I do), but I can tell how serious the site is when their members take the time to send good pics.

Ive also found that the sites that take the time to explain how every works are great too.

If they have someone to answer your questions either via phone or email, then you know that they really want you to be successful. and a company that wants you to be successful is always a good sign.

Granted, you will be paying for such help, but it will be worth it. They know what theyre talking about.

Should you Pay To Date online?

This really isnt a question anymore because you dont have the choice in most cases. If you want to talk with other couples, then you will have to pay up.

If youre okay with just looking at pictures, then you can do that without paying each month.

When you pay, you get to e-mail, have real time chats, and even video chats (which can be super hot when youre a long distance from each other or are just starting out).

Most of the sites have monthly fees that arent too terrible. and they also have a trial period in most cases, so you can get the hang of it without forking over too much money.

My advice? Take advantage of the trial period on a site, and if you like it, sign up. If you dont, make sure to cancel your membership and move onto the next.

Even if you dont find a great couple, you will be able to access all of the pictures and advice articles.

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