Feel the excitement through Free singles club!

Feel the excitement through Free singles club!

Hi all. My name is Jack. I am in my final year in University. Am really excited as soon I will be a graduate and will start working . I am single. in fact i always like being single and be in myself. Thats the reason i spent the last 3 years of my university life trying to avoid girls. Believe me life is quite exciting and adventurous if you are single and free.

I always had a secrete desire to travel and visit many places, but never got the opportunity to do that. But now i have decided to travel across North America for a year before I settle down and commit to a full time job.

I plan to start from my city and work my way up to New York, then cut straight across and get into California But traveling alone can be quite boring. So may be I will just look for some other singles to join me on my expedition.

in fact I have heard a lot about the free singles in California and I am really looking forward to meet a few on my way.

But I am a bit skeptical about the expenses. Im only bringing 800$ per year from the part time job which I feel is not enough.

So I need to do odd jobs here and there to increase the earning. May be it sounds like a stupid plan, but I know its gonna work, it has to as i want to travel and see different parts of the world. So wish me luck guys, on my expedition that I would soon begin.

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