Don’t Let The Blues of Singlehood Affect You

Hi all. My name is Charles. I moved to this new city with my girlfriend few months back as she got a job here. Even I managed to get a good job here without much trying. Life was going on well until we broke up. Now I am single and it really sucks!

I feel totally lost in this new city. If I were in my hometown, I would have hanged out with my friends in bars and pubs and probably I would not have minded my single stature. But as am new to this place, I hardly know anyone here to go out with. So my personal Life has been kind a stagnant.

Its been few days since I am single. Now I feel its not that bad to be single here. This new town is quite beautiful with lots of mountains and plantation area.

I can try out exploring this town as well the nearby cities. I can go for trekking on weekends. Now I realize even I’m not ready to get back into a relationship so suddenly. So maybe Ill remain single for some time.

But I need to meet some other single people here that I can make friendship with, so that I will have someone to talk to out here. May be I should look out the hot spots in this city where all the single people go, the good bars or clubs.

Or may be I should even try for these dating sites i have heard about. Who knows if I will find someone interesting there, then I wont have to go to a bar alone looking like someone miserable and preying on every single girl you see there. Then I dont think Life will be so boring and monotonous as it is Now.

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