Dating Test – How Romantic You Are?

Most of the people on the dating scene are looking for great partners. Someone who will fulfill the vacuum in their life and heart. Someone very smart, intelligent and loving. in the age of competition it is not easy unless you show innovative approach.

Don`t take me wrong. I am not asking you to create a drama or anything of that type, but creating mood that will get you your heart’s desire.

How romantic are you? Have you tested yourself on that? Let me ask you a simple question. Does a rainbow look romantic to you? What does a butterfly make you think of?

What happens when you walk on the fallen flowers in a garden? Does watching sunset make you think of a poetry? Do you read poetry? Do you enjoy it? Have you ever stared at the eyes of anyone of opposite sex without uttering a word for a minute? If you have done any of these , you are a romantic at heart. you will win the game.

Most of us believe that dating means expensive dinners, visiting theatres, watching movie and so on. you can never create romance at any of these places.

for making your partner feel romantic and passionate, you have to go to a location where nature dances with joy. you have to feel part of that nature and enjoy the love that nature gives without asking anything in return. Sing a small poem to your date and you make your day.

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