Dating several ladies: is it possible?

Frankly speaking, some gentlemen are really confused when they see so many stunning Russian brides at

All those gorgeous ladies are also looking for someone to love, and of course they are selective in their preferences. All this makes a reason for a question: can I correspond with several women at once?

Gentlemen who are anxious to find his special Russian bride, feel themselves uncomfortable if they`re dating with several girls at once.

But at the same time they perfectly understand that they have to make a lifetime decision and to choose the right one to trust their destiny to. There are many different points of view on this issue what actually makes the thing worse. It makes guys torn over prospective with no confidence which’s correct.

on the one hand, for some guys It seems appropriate to get to know several ladies because they have more chances to have \”love chemistry\” with at least one.

Some afraid that if they correspond with one woman only and then find no chemistry during the personal meeting, then It all would have been a waste of their time, money and the most awful crash of their dream.

the most complicated thing for men, dating several ladies online, is that each of these women is great, and men do not want to be wrong or hurt any of them without knowing in person. Some fear that each might feel that she has found \”chemistry\” with him.

Any guy who simultaneously experiences several online affairs can get an increasing sense that each one of his ladies is feeling that their written relationship is becoming more serious.

Its very common that a man usually starts his online wife- search being in touch with several girls who he thinks as potentially having a chance to be the queen of his heart. Then, most of the guys narrow It down to just two or even one lady before making a visit.

It can naturally happen that during the long months of correspondence some girl may find another guy whom she thinks is more alluring for her. Some men intentionally do the three-way conference calls to be sure about the feelings they and their ladies share, and of course to get rid of some concerns and doubts.

So, when a guy orders a call in the agency he accounts to guess things from what he hears and then, he is also able to follow the girls reaction in a live talk.

One more common question: do the ladies really understand that their online fiance’s may date other girls from their agency as well?

the ladies usually guess they are not the only brides their men are corresponding with. But they also truly understand that as for themselves as for their men its a lifetime decision and the right choice can be vitally important.

That’s why all the ladies try to be as much sincere as possible. They all believe in their uniqueness and really hope their true nature and personality are going to work.

many of them the same as their men believe that they can truly determine a \”soul mate\” from letters but still the face-to-face date is needed to find the personal love chemistry.

the bottom line is: just listen to your heart. and if It says that this is the special person you were looking for, then go for It. But if there still some little doubts, and you want some insurance, then choose another one female whom you find interesting and you feel you would like to know her better.

and then, while visiting your Russian bride you can also have another date that will make yourself comfortable and confident with your decision.

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