Dating Dilemma of a shy guy

Hi guys. My life is messed up. I feel like a loser when it comes to have girlfriend. Cant tell you the trauma I go through when I see all my friends going out on date with the girls they meet at bars and pubs .you will usually find me sitting in a corner with my drink and feeling miserable on my self.

I am not bad looking, am quite affable and caring in nature too, but because of my shyness I wont able to approach any girl or talk face- -to-face to them if someone approaches me.

I feel really embarrassed before my friends. Some of my friends even tried to arrange a blind date for me, but it never seemed to work out. If I am remember, last time I dated was may be more than three years ago. But its high time to try for dating.

I need to get rid of my shyness. I dont want to be labeled as the guy who never gets a date, thats kind of too upsetting.

So guys, tonight I am going out on a date with a girl my friend dated a couple of moths back. Its a blind date as I have never met this girl. Im too nervous; this date has to go well.

I need to find a girl that I can say Im dating, that I can say I am going steady with. Im tired of always being the left out one when my friends and I go out. So every body, please wish me luck!

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