Creative Ways Of Asking Out A Stranger

Women these days are smart and cautious. With the amount of date rape cases on the rise, going out on a date with a stranger is becoming less popular. However, the good-hearted person you are, that should not stop you from asking out an interesting stranger.

Here are creative ways of asking her out.

Walk Over and Ask

the least complex but usually hardest way to Ask out a stranger is walking over and asking straight away. the very simplicity of walking over and blurting out a simple, direct question makes the whole strategy challenging.

the execution is so simple that the success or failure of the move lies entirely on the individual executing it. the proven technique? Have the looks of a Brad Pitt, the wit of a George Clooney and the Cruiser charm, and you’ll sure to get a, yes.

However, for the balance of the population who is not so fortunate to be like them, there are other options to take, to avoid getting rejected.

Start with a Complement

A complement is always a good way to start. But complimenting her looks is so pass and doubtful because it borders on being a pick-up line.

Try to complement her action or things that she uses instead of her looks. If you saw her park perfectly, then complement that and Ask if she has time to describe her experience with her car. Ask her about the notebook she’s using, its value and performance, as you are also interested in getting one for yourself.

Ask about her mobile and if she’s satisfied with her provider. Those should be good starting points of a conversation and hopefully you are able to extend it until you get her number, or a real date.

Be Familiar to the Stranger

Sometimes, asking out strangers are easy if they are not a total stranger to you. you may have seen her weekly at the fruits section of the grocery or she may have caught your eye as she was loading her laundry. you may not know her name, but you certainly can know a lot about her, just by observing her.

If you find a potential date with any of the strangers that you regularly see as you head to the office, then create interest by observing her more closely. Try to know her schedule or where you see her often. Wait for the right moment to happen, so you have a higher chance of getting positive results.

When you see her every morning at your favorite caf, don’t Ask her out while shes picking up an espresso-to-go at 7:30 am. Wait till Friday, when she usually spends the afternoon with her notebook and a tall latte. That should be a good opportunity to make conversation. She’s in a relaxed state, not in a hurry, and maybe open for new acquaintances.

Laundromats are a good place to Ask out a stranger. Why? Because you have the time. There is nothing more boring than waiting for your cycle to finish. and people usually have at least 2: whites and coloreds. So that’s enough time and opportunity for you to gather up the courage and Ask.

But before doing so, make sure that you’ve made your background check. Maybe she reads while she waits for the laundry to finish. Ask about the book but keep the conversation light so she will not be put off by your presence.

Offer to help when you can, without imposing, so she will not be threatened. Smile genuinely, from the heart and she will see your pure intentions and may become interested to go out.

A Common Acquaintance

in this small American country, people are connected to each other, in one way or another. the key is to find your connection to the stranger that you are interested in going out with.

Spend a week or two observing your stranger. If you are lucky enough to find a common friend, then that is a sure ticket to Ask her out. Arrange for a chance meeting, or a group date to have an opportunity to have a conversation with her. Soon as you are able to get past the hi and, hello, then you should be able to take it through spending some time together alone.

There’s much excitement and adventure in asking out strangers. Overcoming the challenge is quite fulfilling. However, make sure that your intentions are genuine and good, for only the pure at heart deserve to go out with the interesting stranger.

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