6 tips for NOT dating Russian women

Look around the (online dating) web and you will notice that the online dating scene is a lot focused on single Russian women and other East European women.

the reason that in particular women from these countries are looking for a foreign partner is generally known, but will not be discussed in this article. But I do like to give you some tips when you must not dating or contacting Russian women.

Let me give you 6 valuable tips:

Tip 1.
If you are a single man and you dont want to be single anymore then you probably already are using the Internet as a source to find a new partner.

But fun dating, chatting and playing around with people from your own culture or country is something different then being determined to find specific a Russian woman with the one and only purpose: to marry her.

This means traveling to Russia (to meet her), possible language barrier, learning about the Russian (women) culture, be prepared for unexpected situations, like money expenses, possible scam situations (if you are looking in the wrong places) and many more.

If you are not convinced about yourself that this is all worth for you, then dont start dating or contacting Russian women.

A serious looking Russian woman who is a formal member of a serious established agency has already prepared herself before she decides to register herself as a possible candidate for serious looking single men from all over the world.

She is not looking for pen pals or everlasting months of email correspondence, no she is looking for a life partner with one main purpose: to build a happy family.

Tip 2.
If you think that register yourself at some dubious free dating site would be enough to present yourself as a serious looking single man, who is looking for a serious marriage minded Russian woman with the expectation that many women will contact you first, then dont start to find your future Russian wife in these places, because you will not find them here.

These kind of sites can be fun of course, but are also hotbeds for possible scammers.
Believe me, I have unfortunately a lot of experience with men who started at the wrong places. Be smart and take a huge head-start by avoiding these places.

Tip 3.
There are people who register themselves in mens catalogs with photographs as if they are looking like Tarzans or use photos only wearing swimming shorts, just to impress young good looking ladies.

and write a biography using 3 lines like Hello, my name is [name], I am a single man looking for a young beautiful woman who also likes music, going out, having fun and drive fast cars, if you are interested, then please write me back

If you identify yourself with that kind of persons, then dont contact or try to impress Russian women in such way. Russian women are not looking for Brad Pitt look-alikes or muscles like Sylvester Stallone. They are not judging looks at all, and you will find out why if you take the trouble to do this the right way.

If you think Russian women are looking for any (western) man just because you think they are looking for a new country, a better life, a wealthy man, no matter if he is 20 years older than she is, then please keep on dreaming. They just seek compatible partners for long term-relationships and marriage and want to love and be loved, thats all no more, no less!

Tip 5.
If you dont have a regular job or (enough) income or dont have a house/apartment (rent or owned) big enough to live with a family, or if you have any serious criminal records (I am not talking about non paid parking tickets), then dont try to bring a Russian woman into your country.

you will not succeed. not because of my personal advise which has nothing to do with this, but because of the strict regulations, procedures and rules that are imposed by the authorities when you have the intention to immigrate a Russian woman into your country.

Please advise the official USCIS website by yourself: http://uscis.gov/graphics/howdoi/fiance.htm

Tip 6
If you think, that when she finally joins you in your country, you can start living your normal life again and if you think she is capable enough to find her own way in your (for her) strange country, to find at once a job, to teach herself your language and find by herself new friends and if you think she should be thankful that you have pulled her out her poor mafia controlled and corrupted country, then dont start even thinking about contacting a Russian woman.

at least the first months she will need extra support from you to settle herself with you as a just married husband-and-wife couple and she has to adjust to your country (customs), your culture, your language, your friends, your colleagues, your shops, your train and bus schedule, your etc. and that takes time and patience from both of you.

But my (western) husband and I can assure you: Its all worth it!

Please do not think I am some weird arrogant Russian woman and do understand that I am certainly not trying to discourage you to date Russian women, on the contrary, I only want to give you some serious tips about the things that really wont work and if you want to learn more, please visit my website are you crazy enough to marry a Russian woman and start reading my advise chapters: Advice and Information

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