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SEO Copywriting

Producing effective online copywriting is a creative process blending art and science in a balanced technique combining many different elements. This integration of disciplines is required to satisfy both the technical and the aesthetic objectives of a website.

Optimised online copywriting should ensure that your website is:

  • highly readable to your viewers
  • highly visible to the search engines, and thereby
  • commercially successful for you.

many people and businesses don`t have the time to actually write web copy themselves. A professional freelance copywriter can furnish you with keyword-rich, highly original web content to enhance and improve the quality of your website, with the aim of transforming more of your visitors into customers.

Rarely will you get a second chance to engage your customer`s attention, so your first shot must be formatted for maximum sales potential, catching the eye of the search engine robots as well

But not too much If your copy goes overboard in favour of the search engines it can earn a penalty from Google that will negatively effect your rankings. your website must always have the reader as priority. This makes more business sense anyway.

search engines provide a way for potential customers to find you on the internet.

 people type a keyphrase or keyword into a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or MSN (or one of the many other popular engines) and this returns a page of listings – web page suggestions for that particular phrase or word. 

Obviously, you want your website to feature highly in this list.

Optimised online copywriting specifically targets the words and phrases people are using when searching for a product on the internet (search engine Marketing (SEM), keyword research). 

you want to make sure your website stays at the top of the listings so people go to your website before others. With targeted copy in place, search engines are more likely to index your web site on page one, than if it does not include keyword-rich copy

This is an ever more important issue when dealing with Google, the leading search-engine today.

To rank highly in the search engines the words on your web pages should never be an afterthought, but should be included right at the beginning in the original design of your website.

 content development is the most valuable asset web developers can utilise in the bid for productive, successful search engine optimisation and search engine Marketing (SEM).

Hiring a professional copywriter is a wise investment in your business future. Even if you dont want to optimise your site you should make sure that the words on your site are reasonable, enticing, spelled correctly and artfully arranged to engage attention.

 Just because you can type letters or write some emails doesn`t mean you can write the copy for your website. the writing on your homepage is often the way people determine whether the website is a scam or the genuine article, good quality or a shabby affair. 

your websites credibility takes a nose-dive if the spelling is wrong, the grammar incorrect, or it just reads like bad, clumsy English. people will be disinclined to trust your content.

Within the search engines new technologies and algorithms are being developed all the time to make search methodologies smarter, more astute. 

it`s never a coincidence when someone types in a search phrase and your website is indexed highly on the page. keyword rich online copywriting is a significant and critical component in gaining high rankings on the search engines.

Recently, Google has been pioneering a new trend of intelligent search engines which are not attracted by mere repetition of words throughout the text, but which look for meaning, attempting to make grammatical sense of the information, trying to understand what the web page is actually saying. 

This is forcing webmasters to improve the content on their web pages or suffer the consequences. the old saying has never been more relevant: “content is king.”

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