Traits of the Rat

The ancients considered The rat to be a protector. It was thought to bring material wealthy and prosperity. Aggression, charm, death, wealth, pestilence, order, war, and The occult were all ruled by The rat.

Those born under The sign of The rat are said to be leaders. The rat is The first sign of The Chinese Zodiac, through cunning and manipulation, It is said, The rat was The first animal to reach Buddha when he called The animals together.

Organized and intelligent, rat people are strong willed and ambitious. They tend to adapt easily to new situations and environments.

However, charming as they may be on The outside, Rat people are also known to be cold and calculating, even cruel if that is what is need to reach their goal or promote there personal agenda.

Intelligent, and passionate, Rats make friends easily and tend to choose friends carefully. They are practical and hardworking and have tight control over their emotions. Rats do not trust easily, but are fiercely loyal to those few who manage to win their trust.

Sometimes, however that loyalty can get them in trouble. Rat people are usually quick tempered and vengeful. They will not things twice about seeking revenge when they, or someone they love is wronged.

Rats tend to value money and power and will usually use any means at their disposal to acquire what they want.

Rats fair in business and become injured when others are not. A Rat who feels they have been deceived is a rat who will look for ways to get revenge.

Those born under The sign of The Rat will do well to learn patience, tolerance. They should be patient with themselves as well.

Rat people tend to be perfectionists and easily become obsessed with The minor, often unimportant details of daily life. in order to build their sense of self and worth, time spend in relaxation is important.

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