Traits of the Element Water

Nurturing yet dangerous, vital and deadly, water is a ripe with contradiction. In moderate amounts it is a blessing, In over abundance, a curse. Water is the only element with the ability to put out fire and make things grow and thrive.

Water is vital to our very survival. Without water crops wither and die and there is no food. the human body, and In fact, all life on Earth is dependant upon water. Yet, even for life, water has the potential to be deadly. Too much water In the body leads to water intoxication and even death.

it is, however, a delicate balance. Too little water and all life withers and dies with the effects of the hot sun. Too much water chokes out needed oxygen and drowns.

it is for this very reason the element water is represented by the color black.

Water rules intelligence and wisdom. People born under the element water are uncommonly intelligent and capable. for all their wisdom and reasoning ability, water People tend to have difficulty making and sticking to decisions.

They tend to over analyze the situation and roll circumstances around In their mind, examining from all sides. This leads to an inability to make up their mind.

it is said that Water rules the Excretory system and has rule over the kidneys. Those with the water element should exercise caution with all things pertaining to their kidneys.

Diplomatic, and intuitive, water People are flexible. They have a special ability to go with the flow and are usually easygoing.

Those with the water element make friends easily and do well In social situations. They are charming, and compassionate

These traits coupled with the natural flair for communication of the water sign means those with this element are good leaders, and make good partners.

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